Lessons from a floppy tongued dachshund

So I’m thinking about dogs this morning.

Having two dogs, this is not unusual. But I also happened upon a wonderful blog by a floppy-tongued dachshund.  While the dachshund may be proud of his majestic tongue, it would earn him no points at the Westminster Dog Show.

For most of us, our dogs (and cats) aren’t perfect. (Although I think the mixing of many breeds tend to make our dogs have a wider range of imperfections!) When their legs are too short or their ears are too long, we don’t harangue them and tell them that they are no good. Instead, it’s part of what endears them to us. We never expect them to be breed perfect specimens, and any imperfections don’t lessen our enjoyment of them and love for them. We certainly don’t punish then for it.

And if a dog is sometimes fearful, as my Ralphie sometimes is, we don’t mock them for their fear. It breaks our hearts that life taught them to be afraid, and we try to comfort them. (We even buy special shirts for them when thunder is problem!) If their anxiety finds outlet in obsessive actions like paw licking (as my Oakley is prone to do), we don’t make fun of them or shame them. We try to find ways of helping them feel better.

Would that we treated our own selves so well..


One thought on “Lessons from a floppy tongued dachshund

  1. Hello, this is Reuben – I has taken over my Mama’s face books. Please tell Oakley and Ralphie to no be scared, just bark really really loud. If that doesn’t work, then it is ok to be scared.

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